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Detective Dee (Mark Chao) is appointed by Emperor Gaozong to protect the Tang Dynasty from rival Empress Wu (Carina Lau) and is bestowed with the magical Dragon Taming Mace. Wu orders Yuchi Zhenjin (Shaofeng Feng) of the Golden Gard to recruit five mystics and task them with stealing the threatening Mace, the consequence of which is capital punishment for Dee.

Storming the Department of Investigation, Wu orders a demonstration of sorcery power which goes horrifically wrong with deadly consequences. In the confusion, Yuchi Zhenjin is seen killing colleagues of the Golden Gard. It falls to Detective Dee to solve the puzzle and redress the balance of power to save the Tang Dynasty.





United Kingdom

Liverpool Odeon ONE

London Odeon Haymarket

London Vue West End

Manchester Odeon Great Northern

Manchester Vue Printworks

Sheffield Showroom Cinema

Certification advice

In order to bring this film to audiences across the UK in a cost-effective manner, this film has been generously certified by local councils for free and has not been certified by the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC). In order to help the public determine whether the contents of this film are right for them, we are publishing here details on the film's contents with reference to the BBFC's guidelines on age certification (available below).

Different local councils have rendered their own decisions on the appropriacy of the film. You can review extracts from their guidance in the column adjacent to this one.

Short form advice: Threat, mild violence, one use of mild language.

Long form advice: You can download detailed advice by clicking the button below; this document contains spoilers.

Liverpool City Council: Persons under the age of 12 cannot be admitted to any part of the programme unless accompanied by an adult who is responsible for allowing the child to view the film. Chinese language light martial arts/magical film.

Sheffield City Council: Rated 12. Any complaints relating to the contents of the film are not the responsibility of Sheffield City Council's Licensing Service; the distributor takes responsibility for the contents of the film. To make a complaint, we, the distributor, can be contacted via the button below.

Westminster City Council: 12A. No-one younger than 12 may see a 12A film in a cinema unless accompanied by an adult.

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